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Unsure what to do or who to trust with your hard-earned money?

In this video, we pull back the curtains and show you the "secrets" of what the top 9% of consultants know and do.

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What's Included

Designing your future is about having the right information to make the most informed decisions. 

I like to work through the numbers until I can clearly see if & how it works.

 I became very frustrated by the financial industry which seems to focus on pushing products instead of giving proper financial advice. That's why our services have evolved to serve you and focus on your success! 

We share only proven strategies and systems that actually work for you and your family.

That's why we've put together this 45-minute video that shares our experience and financial knowledge that exposes the "secrets" that the top 9% already know on how to become and STAY financially independent no matter what happens in the market or to the economy.


The Secret the Tax Man Doesn't Want You to Know - How to drastically reduce your taxes while generating more income.


Why complicated processes are a complete waste of time...and the simple process we use grow, control, and keep your money.


The Millionaire Toolkit: The secrets on how to become and STAY Financial Independent even in Today’s Economy.


How to Find a knowledgeable and experienced Financial Planner YOU can Trust.


What's wrong with today's Financial Industry and how to fix it!


Take back control of YOUR money and wealth – no matter what happens in the market or the economy.

Steve grew up in a small town and became a successful engineer, working all over the world.  Upon his return to the East Coast, he saw that the best way to contribute and build our communities was to change his career, and so he became a financial planner.

He now owns a value-based independent financial firm called Design Your Future Financial Services that only helps those that help others with a strong focus on consultants, coaches, business owners, and leaders.

Using our trusted financial knowledge and experience, we offer truly holistic financial plans based on his client's vision, values, and goals - not based on products.  We will get and keep your financial house in complete order (not a 2/10 or a 7/10, but a 10/10) and will help give you the highest probability of achieving your goals.

Steve MacLellan is - he helps his clients from all over Canada to grow, control, and KEEP what they build instead of giving it away to taxes, fees, loss, and the unknown.

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